Welcome to Perimeter Forest

We invest in Canadian forestlands and finance ecological preservation, restoration, management, and climate change mitigation projects through the sale of carbon credits and other ecoservices.

Combatting Climate Change

We take great pride in contributing to the global fight against climate change by developing high-quality carbon and nature credits that meet the highest standard of integrity and have an enduring impact on our environment.

photo: © Gary McGuffin

Investing in Nature

Perimeter Forest is actively pursuing acquisitions of forest assets in Canada that align with our ecosystem investment goals. The heart of our platform is science-based forest management systems that foster climate change abatement, enhance biodiversity, and contribute to the multitude of other ecosystem benefits that thriving forests provide.

photo: © Gary McGuffin

Together We Can Create a Sustainable Future

As our business grows, we will look to create, facilitate, and support opportunities for our local community members and the Indigenous people of Canada to play a meaningful role in our projects through consultation, collaboration, and career or educational opportunities.