We do more than mitigate climate change. We invest in the future of our planet.

At Perimeter Forest, we provide high-integrity carbon and biodiversity credits through programs designed to restore and protect Canadian forestlands.

Our mission is to leave our forest ecosystems in a better state than when we acquire them.

We don’t just credit emissions. We invest in projects that have real, immediate, and long-term benefits to our natural environment, community, and the people who inhabit our world.

We work with internationally recognized organizations within the voluntary carbon market to monitor and certify our projects.

Our carbon and nature credit programs focus on reforestation and conservation efforts that remove emissions from the atmosphere by sequestering and storing carbon and on avoiding emissions by reducing forest degradation and logging.

Our projects look beyond the commercial value and carbon sequestration capacity of our tree stands. Instead, we carefully consider the entire ecosystem and the potential benefit our actions will have for all the plants and animals that inhabit our forests.

By restoring and protecting our forest ecosystems’ ability to function, we improve their capacity to capture and store greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard wildlife habitats, and foster biodiversity.

To truly succeed in curbing climate change, we must help our ecosystems to function at their best, capture and store atmospheric carbon, and support life in all its forms.

This is precisely what Perimeter Forest was established to achieve.