Our approach to biodiversity conservation and nature enhancement projects

Canada’s forests have the potential to host a rich diversity of plants, animals, and fungi, all of which contribute to healthy and thriving forest ecosystems.

A key part of our land management approach is to ensure that the entire forest community can thrive.

When we design and update our forest management plans, we look beyond just the commercial trees and carbon and consider the consequences of our management to the entire forest ecosystem.

To do this, we assess how different management approaches for our carbon projects can impact the local flora and fauna. In doing so, we can identify where a strictly carbon management approach could conflict with the goal of supporting biodiversity.

By working with ecological experts, we define the land management activities we use to ensure our carbon projects benefit both the climate and the local ecosystem.

Perimeter Forest is working on nature program crediting methodologies that will enable us to track our progress in promoting biodiversity alongside our carbon credits. This will allow us to demonstrate and quantify our projects’ benefits to biodiversity and ecological health.