Philipp Andres

Chief Executive Officer

Philipp focuses on strategic planning and developing new business segments that fit within the mandate of the partnership.

In addition, Philipp plays a critical role in land acquisition and developing value propositions that fit the economic and environmental objectives of the partnership.

On the carbon credit market side, Philipp brings his extensive industry contacts and experience built over a 30-year career in the renewable energy industry and 15 years in sustainable agriculture.

Daniel Andres

Chief of Climate & Biodiversity Operations

As an ecologist, Daniel’s role with Perimeter Forest focuses on the environmental aspects of land acquisition and management, including serving as the lead for our carbon credit and other nature credit developments.

Daniel also works with the members of our team and consultants to ensure that our management plans enhance the ecological function and biodiversity of our forestland assets.

David Hermans

Chief Financial Officer

Dave’s roles with the team is to direct the financial and accounting functions, manage key relationship activities with investors, partners and other important stakeholders and collaborate with the team on strategic and operational decisions. A CPA with an economics and finance background and twenty-five years experience in various roles and industries including leading acquisitions and due diligence in the renewable energy sector. Dave brings a well-rounded set of skills to the team. Dave has practiced his patience and taking the long view by waiting year after year for the Leafs to win a Stanley Cup.

Hugh Campbell

Hugh Campbell

Chief Administrative Officer

Hugh oversees land acquisitions, due diligence, and technical oversight of infrastructure construction and maintenance at Perimeter Forest. In addition, he manages the administration of credit purchase agreements, insurance, leases, collaborations, and quarterly reviews of business operating plans.

Hugh is also responsible for accounting oversight, engagement, and management of third-party consultants, as well as human resources and overall business expense management.

Carolyn Pittman

Vice President EcoServices Marketing

Carolyn focuses on all aspects of land acquisition and management, due diligence, strategic planning, project development, and all government relations activities.

With 18 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Carolyn has worked in various industries. She has a proven track record of expertise in regulatory strategy, energy policy, project development, permitting approvals, and environmental compliance.

Carolyn’s experience is a natural fit for the carbon sector and our team.

Mark Balogh

Manager of Lands and Carbon

Mark is a Registered Professional Forester in British Columbia and Ontario and is the forestry lead for our land assets and carbon developments.

Mark has 15 years of forestry experience in the northern interior of BC and the Algoma and Temiskaming regions of Ontario.

Beyond our carbon projects, Mark oversees our forest management plans, silviculture prescriptions, inventories, internal and external audits, and asset management under forest certification and carbon credit programs.

Mike Mathieu

Land and Carbon Operations Technician

Mike brings over a decade of experience as a forest technician to our team.

In his role at Perimeter Forest, he assists with land acquisitions and due diligence and manages Forest Stewardship Council certification.

Mike also oversees carbon program field audits, collaborates on land management planning and implementation, and co-manages third-party consultants and contractors.  Additionally, Mike acts as the face of Perimeter Forest in dealing with lessees and the public on our properties

Robert Larson

Regenerative Agriculture Operations, British Columbia

Rob Larson leads our regenerative agriculture operations for our partially forested agricultural lands in Peace River, British Columbia. Rob is passionate about land restoration, compassionate animal husbandry, and implementing strategies for people, their livestock, and nature to co-exist in harmony.
A little more about Rob’s Journey:
I have spent the last 30 years managing larger parcels of agricultural lands, first for a First Nation in Saskatchewan and for the last 21 years in the Peace Country of British Columbia. My journey to regenerative agriculture and ecological restoration began about 11 years ago when I simply wanted to have more grass for the cows; I started a rotational grazing program which ultimately led me down a rabbit hole of soil health, plant health, human health  and all ecological health… a much more holistic world view.

Rocio Flores Juarez