High-integrity carbon credits sourced from Canadian ecosystem investments

Perimeter Forest is a leading provider of high-integrity carbon credits sourced from forest land management and biodiversity conservation projects in Canada.

High-integrity carbon credits are emissions offset products that meet or exceed the highest standards for credibility and transparency to generate carbon credits.

High-integrity carbon projects are registered and verified under an internationally recognized standard such as the Verified Carbon Standard or the Gold Standard programs.

Our projects are designed to reduce and remove greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and are verified by independent third-party organizations.

Our carbon and nature projects are also subject to ongoing monitoring and reporting to ensure that the benefits our credits claim are maintained over time.

Our verification and monitoring processes are designed to ensure that the carbon credits generated by our projects represent measurable and verifiable emissions reductions.

Our carbon projects are certified under Verra’s Verified Carbon Standards program and use conservative project baselines to ensure that we can demonstrate true and verifiable project benefits.