Nature-based solutions to climate change sourced from Canadian forestland management projects

We take a holistic approach to planning and implementing nature-based solutions to climate change that deliver positive outcomes for the environment and high-integrity nature and carbon credits to our customers.

This begins with a long-term view of our investments and a long-term commitment to conservation through the purchase of industrial forestlands.

Direct ownership of the properties we operate on removes risk factors that could otherwise affect our ability to deliver lasting climate change mitigation and environmental conservation services.

We develop a wall-to-wall inventory of our forestland assets using leading-edge technology, including Lidar and 4-band imagery, aerial surveys, and on-the-ground measurements to gain a comprehensive understanding of the natural habitat.

For more information, please visit the HRIS link for a high-level overview of the various steps used to develop a High Resolution Forest Inventory Solutions (HRIS) of Perimeter Forest’s Painted Forest Project.

We compile this information, apply rigorous analysis and artificial intelligence tools and use this baseline data to track the changes in the ecosystem over time.

We create a plan to implement science-backed land management and monitoring protocols that go above and beyond the certification standards of international greenhouse gas crediting programs.

This plan includes the peer-reviewed accounting methodologies we use to calculate the climate change mitigation and ecosystem benefit of our interventions.

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The photo above is an example of leading-edge HRIS technologies creating the most advanced High Resolution Inventory. Click to see more

Program registration and carbon credit certification

Our project is then submitted to a verified crediting program for registration and certification. The registration process requires a robust assessment and review to ensure the integrity of the project’s potential outcomes.

Our carbon and nature credits are registered and certified by Verra, the world’s leading greenhouse gas crediting program.

Once our project is approved, it is subject to third-party audits by independently certified experts and by Verra’s in-house personnel. These independent auditors ensure that standards and practices are aligned from planning through implementation and management.

To provide transparency and encourage public engagement by community stakeholders, our carbon and nature credit programs are registered in a public database and subject to a public review and discussion period.

Generating high-integrity carbon and nature credits

Based upon the direct and measurable impact of our operations to improve the ecosystem’s ability to sequester greenhouse gas emissions, we generate Verified Carbon Units, also known as carbon credits.

Each Verified Carbon Unit represents the equivalent of one tonne of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere.

We generate a pool of credits annually, which are sold through the voluntary carbon market to organizations looking to achieve their environmental and social governance goals.

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