1. We own the land we operate on.
  1. Our projects use the latest science to develop our land management, biodiversity conservation and enhancement protocols.
  1. We deploy industry-leading technology to survey and assess our ecological assets.
  1. We use artificial intelligence tools to analyze our ecosystem inventory and calculate and measure results.
  1. We employ peer-reviewed, third-party audited accounting methodologies to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions sequestration, climate change mitigation, and biodiversity enhancement impact of our projects.
  1. We develop conservative forecasting to assess the impact of our operations and align our real-world results with projected outcomes.
  1. Our projects are all located in Canada, a country with a well-established rule of law and land rights.
  1. Our carbon and nature credits are verified/certified by Verra’s Verified Carbon Standards program and other leading programs.
  1. Our high-integrity carbon credit and nature projects go above and beyond the standards for management, monitoring, and accounting required by the crediting methodologies and registries.